Workshop 2023

University of Valencia

FIB Status
FIB Technology available Offers STSMs
Research Interests
Material Science, Physics & Astronomy
A summary of our fit4nano work

Contact Information
Name of Institution
Catedrático José Beltrán Martínez, nº 2 , 46980 Valencia, Spain

Action Members
Institute of Molecular Science
Rosa Córdoba
Facilities Directory
What FIB technology is Available
Ga/Dual Beam
Complementary Techniques
AFM/cAFM/MFM, cryo SEM/FIB, gas-injection, Kerr microscopy, magnetometry, mechanical testing, Raman, SEM, transport measurements, XRD or other X-ray techniques
Sample Preparation/fabrication
3d printing, biological sample preparation, chemical/organic functionalization, CVD magnetic materials, dry etching, dry transfer techniques, electron beam lithography, photolithography, wet chemical synthesis of nanomaterials (single crystalline metal flakes/nanowires, carbon nanotubes ...)