WG2 – Ion-solid Interactions

The objective of this WG is to provide the necessary theoretical tools and descriptions for the other WGs. We aim at specifying best use strategies for existing simulation codes, identifying missing functionalities, and initiating research in neglected fields of interest to FIB processing.

WG2 members engage in the following tasks:

  • Task 2.1: Review of existing analytical and simulation packages for FIB relevant energies (M12).
  • Task 2.2: Description of defect production in 2D materials at FIB energies (M24).
  • Task 2.3: Ion induced secondary electron generation at FIB relevant energies (M36).
  • Task 2.4: The role of ion beam induced secondary electrons in ion-beam induced deposition and resist irradiation (M48).
Sample 4 Darkfield - stable BPC membrane