Workshop Topics

Topics for the 2024 FIT4NANO & EuFN workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • New instrumentation and hardware
  • Theoretical background and simulation of atomic processes
  • Applications of FIB to Materials sciences including applications in quantum technology, semiconductors, and nuclear materials
  • Applications of FIBs in health and biological challenges
  • FIB based SIMS and other analytic approaches based on the use of FIBs
  • FIB based lithography and additive manufacturing (ion beam based deposition and resist patterning)
  • Automatization and machine learning for advanced FIB applications and control as well as data analysis
  • New sample preparation methods for TEM and APT samples
  • Serial sectioning and 3D volume tomography based on FIBs
  • Laser assisted FIB milling