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We are a growing group of researchers focused on the development and application of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Technology for the fabrication and characterization of functional nanomaterials. A focused Ion beam provides the unique possibilities to create new functionality in materials on the nanometer scale as well as to characterize such materials on the relevant length scale of a few nanometers. This can be applied to a wide number of materials covering many research fields such as the semiconductor industry, health, raw materials, quantum materials, 2D materials and optically active materials and devices, etc.

To achieve this goal we work together across Europe with partners from academia and industry to further strengthen the position of Europe at the forefront of spatially resolved functional nanomaterial fabrication and characterisation using focused ion beams.

The aims of the Action are to:

  • unite developers and practitioners of focused ion beam technology
  • build the most efficient toolsets and application techniques for the identification, fabrication and characterization of next-generation functional nanomaterials
  • develop ion sources and instrumentation for the sub 10 nm fabrication and materials analysis
  • create a Europe wide network between researchers from theoretical and experimental groups working in the field
  • overcome the fragmentation of the FIB landscape between operators of established technologies and developers of FIB technologies
  • provide emerging focused ion beam technology and methods
  • introduce focused ion beam technology to researchers working with different nanomaterials’ families
  • grow the fit4nano network


These goals will be achieved in four workgroups focusing on Instrument development, Theory and Simulation, Application and Communication and Outreach. The Action will enable short term scientific missions and organize Action wide meetings, international workshops and training schools for interested established researchers and early career investigators. Various instruments already available or to be implemented at the different partners will be used to reach out to layman and schools and pupils from selected STEM-oriented schools.

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Postdoc position at HZDR

The Group Ion Induced Nanostructures at HZDR is looking for a Postdoc (f/m/d)  Advanced focused ion beam applications.  Your tasks Implementation of IBC user experiments

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