Workshop2022 Excursion

An excursion to the Proton Radiotherapy Center at the Cyclotron Centre Bronowice (CCB) is planned for Wednesday afternoon (13 July).

The CCB focuses on the application of cyclotrons in scientific research and tumour radiotherapy:

– experiments in nuclear physics, medical physics, dosimetry, microdosimetry, radiobiology and materials engineering,
– production of radionuclides for research purposes,
– development of clinical and scientific infrastructure intended for a non-invasive tumour treatment.

A Proteus C-235 cyclotron is in operation at CCB.

Cyclotron Centre Bronowice (in Polish – Centrum Cyklotronowe Bronowice, CCB) is a part of the Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow (IFJ PAN).

Guided tours will be offered to those who registered for the excursion during registration.