fit4nano is a global network of researchers, both in academia and industry who collaborate on projects. They have access to well equipped labs and share ideas, skills, talent and physical resources.

We can help you improve your network and build new collaborations with other researchers in your field of work as well as developers and practitioners from European industrial partners that may be complimentary to your specialism.

Our network is global and easy to access and will help connect funders to researchers for mutual advantage.



FIT4NANO promotes diversity and gender equality in science, offering training opportunities to women researchers, young investigators and scientists from regions and countries which are presently underrepresented in the science community.


Experts in the field

If you are an expert in the field make use of the FIB Facilities Directory where you can locate institutions around the world who work in areas of interest toy.  The database shows traceable experimental parameters and the roadmap for the application of FIB technology for the fabrication and analysis of nano-materials.

Already a user?


If you are a FIB-user already or not now is your chance to be part of the fit4nano crew and investigate the possibilities provided by these emerging focused ion beam technology and methods.

Operational NEMS
Operational NEMS based on Ga ion beam patterning of silicon. IMB-CNM-CSIC