Some of the many applications of short term scientific missions (STEM) could include particles that fight cancer cells, faster microprocessors that consume less energy, batteries that last 10 times longer or solar panels that yield twice as much energy. These are some of the many applications of nanotechnology, a discipline with all the ingredients to turn into the next industrial revolution. You have the opportunity to change the world for the better by addressing some of the biggest challenges that face your generation.

fit4nano aims to plant a seed of inspiration to students and their educators about nanotechnology, functional nanostructured materials, focused ion beam microscopes, all under the broad umbrella of STEM topics. fit4nano merges aspects of the traditional science behind the focused ion beam technology with innovative materials design and cutting edge applications.

fit4nano promotes gender equality in STEM career development with women and men scientists participating and holding leading roles,  highlighting the holistic character of science to the high school students.


Are you a high-school student interested in STEM and nanotechnology?

Are you interested in following a STEM career in the future either in academia or in the nano-technology industry?

Do you want to speak with top researchers from the nanotechnology field?


Are you interested in introducing new scientific approaches and new topics in your STEM subjects?

Are you willing to collaborate with scientists to help you integrate a more scientific view to your educational process?

What about making your topics more engaging and interactive through scientistsvideos, short demonstrations and other tools?

If yes:

Open the FIB map and find the closest FIB group to your school.

Contact us to arrange a visit to our lab, let us present you our research and speak about nanotechnology and new materials design.

Join the fit4nano group on social media and follow the news on our website for further updates.

Mineral particle from Saharan dust
Mineral particle from Saharan dust