University of Surrey

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FIB Technology available Offers STSMs
Research Interests
Engineering and Technology in Research, Physics & Astronomy
A summary of our fit4nano work

Contact Information
United Kingdom
Name of Institution
Ion Beam Centre, Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, Guildford, GU2 7XH, United Kingdom

Action Members
Ion Beam Centre
David Cox
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What FIB technology is Available
Other FIB technology

Multi-species FIB for deterministic ion implantation

Complementary Techniques
AFM/cAFM/MFM, gas-injection, ion beam accelerators, ion implantation, mechanical testing, SEM, transport measurements, WDX/EDX
Sample Preparation/fabrication
CVD metals, CVD of 2D materials, dry etching, electron beam lithography, FIB source preparation, nanoimprint lithography, nanowire fabrication (CVD, MBE, hydrothermal), photolithography, PVD metals, TEM lamella preparation, wet chemical synthesis of nanomaterials (single crystalline metal flakes/nanowires, carbon nanotubes ...)