Strasbourg Institute of Materials Physics and Chemistry

FIB Status
FIB Technology Unavailable
Research Interests
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Physics & Astronomy
A summary of our fit4nano work

Contact Information
BP 43, 67034, STRASBOURG Cedex 2, France

Action Members
Department of Magnetic Objects on the NanoScale (DMONS)
Peter Dunne
Facilities Directory
Complementary Techniques
magnetometry, microfluidics, SEM, transport measurements, UV spectroscopy, VIS spectroscopy, WDX/EDX, XRD or other X-ray techniques
Other Complementary Techniques


Sample Preparation/fabrication
3d printing, electron beam lithography, photolithography, PVD dielectrics, PVD magnetic materials, PVD metals, wet chemical synthesis of nanomaterials (single crystalline metal flakes/nanowires, carbon nanotubes ...)
Other Sample Preparation/Fabriaction