Friedrich Schiller University Jena

FIB Status
FIB Technology available Offers STSMs
Research Interests
Material Science, Physics & Astronomy
A summary of our fit4nano work

The group is studying the synthesis, modification and characterization of nano-scale solids, where semiconductor nanowires, metasurfaces and thin film solar cells are in our focus. A variety of different ion beam techniques are used for these proposes, especially in order to manipulate the properties of nano-scale solids or to analyse them. We also study the basic interaction mechanismn of enegetic ions with nanoparticles.

Contact Information
Max‐Wien‐Platz 1, 07743 Jena, Germany

Action Members
Institute of Solid State Physics
Carsten Ronning
Facilities Directory
What FIB technology is Available
Ga/Dual Beam, Ion beam simulation
Complementary Techniques
gas-injection, ion beam accelerators, ion implantation, NIR spectroscopy, SEM, synchrotron radiation techniques (XAFS, ARPES, operando X-ray techniques), TEM/STEM, UV spectroscopy, VIS spectroscopy, WDX/EDX, XRD or other X-ray techniques
Sample Preparation/fabrication
nanowire fabrication (CVD, MBE, hydrothermal), PVD dielectrics, PVD metals, TEM lamella preparation