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A summary of our fit4nano work

TOFWERK is making the world a cleaner place through innovative solutions for chemical analysis

Our scientists and engineers design, manufacture, and optimize high performance mass spectrometers for new applications to support researchers and industrial customers around the world.

The fibTOF enables sensitive 3D chemical imaging with nanometer resolution

Add FIB-SIMS capabilities to commercial FIB-SEM microscopes for powerful secondary ion imaging and depth profiling

Advantages of the fibTOF

The fibTOF adds focused ion beam secondary ion mass spectrometry (FIB-SIMS) capabilities to FIB-SEM microscopes, enabling sensitive chemical imaging in three dimensions with nanometer resolution.

  • 3D chemical imaging of all elements with lateral resolution <50 nm and depth profiling resolution <10 nm
  • Sensitive detection of light elements such as hydrogen, boron, lithium and fluorine
  • Isotopic imaging for experiments to study transport, diffusion or reaction mechanisms
  • Unambiguous elemental identification with high mass resolving power
  • Compatible with major commercial FIB-SEM microscopes with no impact on image quality


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