Vacancy for a “Principal Investigator in electron microscopy instrumentation” at TU Delft

A position for a “Full, Associate or Assistant Professor in Electron Microscopy Instrumentation” is vacant at TU Delft, the Netherlands. 

“The Department of Imaging Physics at TU Delft has a strong, long-standing tradition in the development and application of new methods and technologies for electron microscopy. To strengthen our research in this direction, we are inviting applications for a principal investigator (PI) at assistant, associate, or full professor level. As a PI, you are expected to establish an independent research line in electron microscopy instrumentation and contribute to public-private partnership programs with leading industrial partners. Topics of interest could be in the areas of MEMS electron optics, low energy microscopy, quantum electron microscopy and phase manipulation, electron-matter interactions, multi-beam microscopy, signal detection and data analysis, but innovative proposals in other directions are equally welcomed. The proposed research is expected to be challenging and aiming for fundamental scientific or technological breakthroughs, and to incite enthusiasm with peers, students, and the general public. An overview of our research and current team of scientists can be found at”

Further information on the position is available on the TU Delft website. Apply before 1 December 2023.