PhD position – Nanodosimetry for improving radiobiology models

The Radiation Detector Group (RDG) at the Microelectronics National Center (IMB CNM) located in Barcelona, Spain, is offering a PhD position in  Nanodosimetry for improving radiobiology models.

The research fellowship will lead to becoming an expert in :
– Semiconductor processing and nanofabrication (including some specific syntheses of nanomaterials
– Advanced microscopies and spectroscopy (SEM, AFM, TEM, FIB, XRD, XPS, Raman, PL…)
– Characterization of the device (electrical functionality, effects of damage by irradiation with particles, study of charge collection as a function of incident energy)
– Nanodosimetry experiments in conditions equivalent to the clinical implementations

More information on the position and how to apply below in the official job advertisement – or download the PDF

Applications have to be submitted before 10 November 2022.