FIT4NANO EuFN Workshop 2021

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Principal AuthorPoster TitlePage Number or Forum Link
Petr BáborReal time static SIMS Monitoring of Catalytic CO Oxidation to CO2 Over Platinum SurfacesSee more
J.B. Boissevain & Anthea Aguis AnastasiModifying Single-Layer and Bi-Layer Graphene using a Medium-Energy Electron Beam: A Raman Spectroscopy StudySee more
A. ButrymowiczNew volatile palladium(II) and nickel(II) perfluorinated amidine derivatives as potential precursor in FEBID/FIBID methodsSee more
J. S. CabaçoTransport properties of systematically disordered Cr2AlC films138
A. EstryFIB-Fabricated Micro-Resonators140
Nicholas T.H.FarrObserving Carbon in Electron and Ion Beam deposition within FIB-SEM142
Ewelina GackaUtility Evaluation of GaN-tip Probes Fabricated in Focused Electron and Ion Beam Technology for Atomic Force MicroscopySee more
Gregor HlawacekFIT4NANO - Focused Ion Technology for functional nanomaterialsSee more
A.T. IacobDevelopment and biological assessment in terms of cytotoxicity and hemolytic effect of hyaluronic acid (HA) based electrospun nanofibers148
A. KolomiytsevApplication of the FIB induced deposition method for the fabrication of AFM probe tipsSee more
Jinu KurianHelium Ion Microscopy Patterning for Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Thin FilmsSee more
C. LarosaThe role of Americium-241 for the metal detection in solids liquidsSee more
Y. LiCharacterization of an ultracold Rb+ focused ion beamSee more
V. MandićIn-situ nanoindentation electron microscopy of the nanostructured semiconducting zincite thin-filmsSee more
V. OndračkaMeasuring slice thickness stability during a high resolution FIB-SEM serial-sectioning tomographySee more
M. PaśniewskiFIB-SEM on Polyolefins: Influence of Different Ion Beam Conditions162
A. Salvador-PorrocheUltrafast growth of cobalt nanostructures using Cryo-FIBID: application to electrical contacts on graphene magnetism and hard masking 164164
C. PutzkeAdvances in Low-Strain FIB Microstructures166
S. SchintkeAtmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Polymer Thin Films and Polymer Nano- and Microfiber MembranesSee more
Kent. R. ShirerOn-chip geometry-induced strain in strongly correlated mesoscale structured materials170
F. SiglochTungsten based SQUID Nanofabrication by Means of Focused Ion Beam Induced Deposition172
J. P. B. SilvaIon-beam sputtered ferroelectric ZrO2 thin filmsSee more
J. StauffenbergCombining nanometrology and nanomanufacturing using a Nanofabrication Machine (NFM-100)See More
A. SzkudlarekRemoval of graphene and SiO2 by water-assisted Focused-Electron-Beam-Induced EtchingSee more
J. TurczyńskiFIB preparation of thin metallic glassy films for in-situ thermal TEM examination180
M. R. van DelftEngineering the Strain-sensitive Superconductivity of CeIrIn5 with FIB182
K. WeinelComplex artificial Features on a TEM grid fabricated with FIB Technology combined with MicromanipulationSee more
W. ZajkowskaContacting ZnO nanowires with platinum paths186